Video FAQs:

Below you’ll find answers to our most popular video-related questions. Alternatively, if you want to talk strategy and brand – skip the text and get in touch!

    How much does a video cost?

    The two most important price indicators for our videos are length and style, and since each video is tailor-made for you, so is the cost. Give us a shout and we’ll fire you a quote quick-as-a-flash.

    What’s included in the package?

    We cover every aspect of production, from concept and script, to illustration and animation. We direct and record the voiceover, produce the sound effects and music, and deliver it to you in HD, in whichever format you prefer.

    What's the process?

    We’ll give you a detailed schedule and Gantt chart that offers a clear breakdown of when we’ll deliver and when we need feedback. Here’s a quick infographic of the entire creative process.

    How many revisions do I get?

    We offer unlimited revisions. An explainer is a big investment that needs to stand the test of time, so we’ll keep going until you’re 100% happy.

    How long does it take?

    It usually takes around 6 weeks, but since we don’t limit the number of revisions we allow, that duration may vary. If your deadlines are tight, we also offer expedited services at an extra charge.

    Can we provide you with a script?

    While we prefer to write the script ourselves, if you already have a script you’re in love with we can work with it. Let’s talk!

    Can you translate videos into other languages?

    We can deliver your video in any language. We work with professional linguists that will capture the nuances and flair of your original video and, with the help of our foreign language voice artists, we make sure that your video looks and sounds natural.

    Do you provide discounts?

    We give discounts based on the scope of the work, or whether you’re looking to have more than one video made. Get in touch and we’ll talk numbers.

    Can we update videos at a later stage?

    Making changes to your video can be quick and easy (like updating visuals or on-screen text) or slightly more complex and costly (like script or voice over changes). Either way, we’re happy to make updates at any stage.

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