From script to screen. (And everything in-between)

We’re going to make you love working with creative companies again. Forget agonising over a creative brief. Don’t sweat it over scriptwriting. We do all the heavy lifting, from market research to story development. And long, painful creative timelines? No way – a robust schedule means you’ll always know what’s going on and ensures your tasty new video arrives on time!

Hook up!

1. Hook Up!

We get together to deliver your schedule, learn about your explainer needs and ask some exploratory questions.


2. Concept

Our team enters the brainstorming shrine, testing countless ideas and approaches until we find the perfect tone, style and message.


3. Script

A quiet descends over the studio as our writers plunge into the fickle creative abyss of wordsmithing and language wrangling and storyboarding.

Visual Style

4. Visual Style

We get to work illustrating a cast of characters, backdrops and props, all designed to look great with your brand and on your website.


5. Voiceover

While we’re chiselling away, you’ll approve a voice artist to deliver a performance of the script that packs an emotional and engaging punch.


6. Animation

It’s time to get moving! Our world-class animators bring the visuals and dialogue to life, adding character, motion and graphics.

Sound and Music

7. Sound

We take the completed animation and lay down some sound – choosing the right music and effects to perfectly (and subtley) complement the visuals.


8. Delivery

We have liftoff! We’ll serve you up your video in any format you like, and help you in your first steps towards rocking an explainer video!