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It’s a well-known fact that the entrepreneurial scene in Africa is flourishing. Over the past two years or so, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the hottest start-ups around, and Forbes’ list of the Top 20 Start-up Companies in Africa only serves to confirm this. Seeing the following companies get the recognition they deserve brings a big smile to Blink Tower’s collective face…

#18: Hummba

We were lucky enough to meet the guys at Hummba soon after the company’s conception. They’d come up with a cool social travel app, that they needed a hand in explaining. Happily, we convinced them that that’s what we do best! We had a lot of fun coming up with quite a unique explainer for Hummba, and we have no doubt that they will go from strength to strength (to even more strength!)

#14: Skyrove

A lot of people recognise Skyrove as South Africa’s biggest independent Wi-Fi hotspot service provider. Not a lot of people know that the stories of Skyrove and Blink Tower have always been closely intertwined (even before we started out in mid-2010). By closely intertwined, we mean that our co-founder, Henk Kleynhans, is also the founder and CEO of Skyrove! Having Henk on our side gave us the boost we needed to get Blink Tower off the ground, and his know-how continues to help and inspire us to this day!

But that’s not all. We also strongly suspect that the video our Creative Director made from his bedroom for Skyrove almost five years ago is the first ever animated explainer to come out of South Africa. That’s just a little trivia for you!

#1: MXit

MXit is huge. Absolutely huge. As one of the first Mobile Instant messaging services on the planet, it now has a userbase of around 45 million people and the number continues to rise. That makes MXit a pretty exciting client in anyone’s book! We’ve only just started working with MXit on a couple of very interesting explainers and we’re really chuffed.

At Blink Tower, we’re proud to explain some of Africa’s hottest start-up ideas to the world. With the amazing clients we’ve had, we expect to see many more familiar faces on the list in 2013!

Update! 07 Aug 2012
We did an explainer video for MXit! Check it out :)

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