Whether you’re a massive tech giant, a preppy startup or a passionate nonprofit, we can tell your story:

One video, loads of possibilities:



Funnel those leads! An explainer video can help score signups, sales and subscribers faster than ever!



People don’t buy what they don’t understand – get your viewers clued-up and asking the right questions.



Take your new product, service or idea into the stratosphere on launch day with a video that says it all!



We’re experts in reaching new audiences through targeted video ads – put Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to work!



Powerpoint is dead – long live video! There’s no better way to kickstart a meeting, conference or presentation.



And speaking of kickstarting, video is the perfect way to raise funds for that worthy cause or fresh idea.

Blink Tower was able to take a complex idea and translate it for a general audience — and they were incredibly fast and flexible… It’s rare to work with a partner for the very first time and go from start to finish as fast as we did, while delivering such a high-quality product.

Ben Moskowitz

Blink Tower is awesome! We approached these talented folks to make us a series of instructional videos that needed to be informative, simple and fun. They totally exceeded our expectations, and we had a blast working with their team! We highly recommend them!

Tyler Theron

Working with Blink Tower has been both educational and really fun. Being consummate professionals, not only have they produced exceptional videos for us, they also managed to strip out the unnecessarily complicated parts of our message – no mean feat!

Helen Turvey

Shuttleworth Foundation

Over the last 7 years, Blink Tower has made more than 180 explainer videos for clients around the world, in almost every industry.

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